My Views on Tradition




my view on tradition

Many people, especially the aged hold the idea that we should stick to the traditions of our country; otherwise, they think we will lose our distinctive Chinese character. In their eyes, we should be proud of the great traditions left by our ancestors. We should maintain these old traditions in order to differentiate ourselves from other nations.

But many others are strongly opposed to it; they argue that we should not be confined to our own traditions. As to some traditions, they are clearly the obstacles to the development of our society, so we should certainly not hesitate to give them up. On the other hand, tradition may be improved through international communications. We should perhaps not be obsessed with our own traditions. On the contrary, we should be brave enough to take in all the valuable traditions that come from different nations. Only in this way, can our society be run properly and only in this way can we improve our own traditions.

My Views on Tradition

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  1. Ross 7月 ago

    I like it, I learned something about China. Thank you!

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