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In recent years, China has witnessed the prosperity of fast food restaurants in big cities. It is quite easy for people to have meals at KFC or McDonald’s. At lunchtime, it is hard to find seats in some fast food restaurants.

While so many small Chinese food restaurants are worried about how to attract more customers, why can foreign fast food restaurant draw so many people’s attention? Firstly, fast food is very fast and convenient. People can stuff themselves within several minutes. Secondly, the restaurants offering fast food also provide a very comfortable environment as well as a warm atmosphere. People can not only enjoy the food they have, but can also feel the foreign flavor the restaurants try to display.

However, most of the people who regularly go to fast food restaurants rarely realize the fact that, although the food may taste delicious, fast food usually has little nutrition. I think they should eat less for the sake of their health.

chinese fast foodchinese fast food

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  1. Bob 5月 ago

    These food are heathless.

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